PC Problems?
PC Problems?

Legal notice

Confidentiality Agreement:

Any private information stored on your computer or viewed by myself will be held confidential unless required by law. Due to the requirements of the repair, if approved by you, the client…I will back up your data to insure it’s integrity. This is done to ensure that a customer has all the files they need when a computer is returned after a restore.  I will destroy any copies of your data immediately after the repair is complete. If requested, I will hold your data for 30 days. Any private or personal information provided to myself will be kept confidential.


I will install any free programs that you grant permission/ask me to install, while I always try to do my best with the installations, some free programs do not work on all computer systems. If I install a free program for you and you have problems with it, I will uninstall it, but will not give continued free support on the product. Regular charges will apply.

Although I will take every precaution to preserve all data and software on the computer,  occasionally data loss will occur and/or software operation may be compromised. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure ALL data is backed up. If you require training in backup methods and procedures,I will provide that training  at an additional cost. 

I will not be held responsible for any and all hardware or software malfunctions  that may occur before, during or after work is performed on the Client’s computer, and for any results thereof.

In some cases, including power supply and other hardware problems, an inspection fee may be charged. This will be discussed before any work is carried out.

Payment is due on completion of the work. Cash or cheques payable to : David Morgan-Williams

 No credit terms available

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