PC Problems?
PC Problems?

System Installation 

Sometimes if the problems you are having are to complex, it can be easier and quicker (thereby cheaper) to reinstall your operating system. 

Some companies would just reinstall and that's that, but I will do the following:
Back up all your personal files and saved passwords (if stored in the users directory),

 format the disk, install the operating system,

 download and install all  Microsoft updates 

reinstall your main drivers , any free software you require and  set your system up.

I can also reinstall your printer, Office programmes etc (If you have the logon details or licence keys)


I can also update youw windows 7/8 machine to windows 10, and in most cases, without having to buy a new licence.

As you may have heard,Windows 11 will soon be released. As it stands, early reports suggest it will only run on relatively new machines (UEFI/TPM enabled). Whether this will still be true when the final version is launched, or if there will be a workaround, we will just have to see.

 Give me a call and we can talk about your options..



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