PC Problems?
PC Problems?


With more security loopholes appearing every week there is now a bigger need for caution when connecting to the web. A lot of people are unaware of how their computers are set up, whether they have security installed, or if they have, is it set up properly or how is it configured? Also, there is an awful lot of confusion over spyware (small programmes secretly put on your machine). A recent report stated around two thirds of home PCs are infected which will slow your machine down and compromise your security.

Another common concern is what virus protection to use, how to set it up and how does it work? Some free antivirus programmes work superbly but using the wrong one will make it worse!

I can offer advice on what programmes to use, the best free ones for your surfing habits and set up your PC to give the best possible protection. I can also advise you on spyware protection and removal

I spend hours every week surfing security newsletters, newsgroups and websites making sure I am always up to date on the latest threats. Even if you have security I can quickly examine your computer and check if it's adequate or not.

I can check if your computer is up to date, and fully patched, and if not, update and test that everything is working correctly

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